By Ollie Carter

Christians believe that God is omnipotent and that He can do anything but fail.  God also can use man or any of His creation for a teachable moment for His believers.  For an example, the author of the Book of Numbers in the Bible uses a donkey to correct Balaam.  The story is told of the donkey reacting to God’s angel and in doing so injured Balaam, his master.  God allowed the donkey to open its mouth and speak to Balaam.  The donkey saved Balaam.

If God can use a donkey, He can also use a ruminant animal in modern times to teach Christians how to live.  The cow is a ruminant animal that is considered ruminant mainly because it chews its cud.  The cow has four chamber parts to its stomach.  It is very peaceful watching a cow chewing its cud while grazing on a grassy knoll.  The cow chews its cud forty thousand times during eight hours of a day.  The food then travels down to the first chamber of the stomach of the cow; then slowly the partially digested food returns to the cow’s mouth for the cow to repeat chewing its cud; and then it travels into a second chamber.  The cow is doing what God created it to do.

Christians should consider the ways of a cow.  Psychologically, people tend to ruminate when they rehearse over and over in their minds their distress and possible causes but never reach a solution.  This may lead to depression.  Psychologically, Christians can have healthy disclosures talking to an accredited counselor or pastor.  Christians may need to slow down and smell the roses.  Physiologically, Christians may need to physically slow down eating, chew food longer, and enjoy the food and conversation of family and friends.  It is not expedient to eat while multi-tasking.  Consider the ways of the cow.  This might lead to having less indigestion and gastric problems.

Theologically, Christians should picture in their mind how peaceful the cow looks chewing its cud on that grassy knoll.  The bible states that Christians should meditate day and night on the Word, pray without ceasing, and think on positive things.  Some people, when feeling down , should write a gratitude journal to lift the spirit.  Stop trying to fix everything!  That burden that you can’t bear:  give it to Jesus.  He wants our body, mind, and spirit.  God can and will refresh believers if we hold on to our faith and remain patient on the Lord.  (Scripture References:  Psalms 1:2b, 46:1; 1Thessalonians 5:17; Philippians 4:8; Isaiah 40:29-31, and Numbers 22:22ff.)