I cannot count the times, when our mother brought to our remembrance that my brother and I represented her when we are out in public.  Not only were our clothes to be clean and neat, but our behavior and manners were to be superb.  My brother and I even had regular haircuts and hair dos.  It did help that our aunt was a beautician and our uncle was a barber.  our mother never let us forget that we represented her.  She would say that the public looks at the mother and not at the father when the children act up or look unkempt.  Even though our family was not perfect, my brother and I knew love from our parents from the start.  We were taught the Word of God at home as well as at church.  Many decades later, my brother in his first stages of Alzheimer's, still was the perfect gentleman not withstanding any man to act rude to any woman in the nursing home where he resides.  God also left in his memory the ability to remember scripture.  He was able to teach God's Word although he could not read it.  My brother sometimes led chapel service.  That was truly a blessing from God. 
Back in the day neighbors, school teachers, and Sunday school teachers informed the parents when a child was acting 'out of line'. The community represented the parents when parents were not present. Then your parents would help you remember what you had been taught. My brother and I would get back in line in a hurry. It was kind of difficult for my brother and me when our mother was P.T.A. president and she was also active in the church. Our father was associate minister in our church. We were PKs. We couldn't get away with bad behavior.
Who you represent does not have anything to do with what political party you affiliate with. Nor does it matter what social clubs, frateral orders, or sororities you have joined. As Christians, Jesus christ, our elder brother, should be the one we represent in the world today. Jesus prayed to His heavenly Father for His disciples. He also prayed for His future disciples. Jesus loved us so much that what the Father gave to Him, He wanted His brothers and sisters to have today. Jesus prayed that we might: (1) Keep the Word (2) Glorify Jesus who glorifies His Father by our behavior and attitude (3) Pattern our behavior after the Father and the Son (4) Know the joy that He has given to us be fulfilled (5) As believers, we are not to be taken from this world, but that we might be protected from evil in the world. Jesus was sent into the world and so now He sends His disciples. (6) Be sanctified through God's truth. Jesus realized that the world would hate believers, because spiritually we are not of this world. That's because we are sanctified. Jesus prepares us for this world. Sanctification means being set apart for sacred us, cleansed and made Holy. (7) Jesus wanted all believers to be united as one. We must work to be united so that we can do the most good. Jesus wished that as many as possible have eternal life. We must be the salt and light and point others in the world to Jesus. Reference Scriptures John 17.